All Majestx dogs have their eyes cleared yearly. (C.E.R.F.)
All Majestx puppies are microchipped with the AKC system to assure their safe return to you should they ever stray.
All Majestx puppies will be health certified before they go home and will have had the first series of shots.
The questionnaire is to get a little information in order to help me understand which pup will best suit your life style and expectations.
Each pup will have its own individual personality and potential and each person looking for a pup will have a different idea on what they would like their pup to be.
When the pups are 49 days old we will temperament test them, this is done to an established protocol and this test will tell us what family situations each would best thrive in. If you would like more detailed information on this testing, click on the link below
The pups can go home when they are 8 weeks old .
You will be given lots of helpful information to help you make the adjustment to having a new pup and information on crate training for surviving puppy-dom and to aid in house training.
Please complete the questionnaire and return to me @
Please follow up with a call you and we can schedule a visit here to meet with me and meet my dogs.
Majestx pups are $1,800. a $200. deposit is required to hold a pup. The deposit check is not cashed until after the pups are born and I am sure I will have what you are looking for. After that point deposits are non-refundable.Now that I am living in Maine, I will have to start accepting deposits by mail however, I do recommend that you try and make a visit up to meet me and the dogs.  It will make us both feel better  It gives me a chance to visit with you and to be sure a Majestx pup will suit your needs and you can meet with my dog family.
All puppies are sold on a limited non-breeding registration. I strongly advise you to spay or neuter your pup when the females are about 7 months old and the males are 12 to 18 months old.
As you know, puppies are a LOT of work. However, the effort, patience and understanding that you put into the first months will be paid back a thousand-fold throughout your dogs life. I will be providing you with a lot of information in order to help make these first months as easy as possible.
Please be sure you are ready to make the commitment to those first few weeks of getting a new pup settled into the family routine. A puppy is not something you can do on the fly, it requires much time and dedication.
You are about to commit to a long term relationship, 12 to 15 years, please give it a lot of thought and remember that a sweet temperament is a Labrador trait but they also need much love and guidance.
Regarding color – Almost every call is for a yellow female, I prefer not to sell or promise by color. however I do breed healthy, happy, well adjusted pups and they come in either black or yellow or chocolate. More consideration should be on the individual personality and potential of each pup rather than the sex or color.
My website is down and being redone, however I have been showing and breeding dogs for some 35 years and have been in Labradors for about 23 years. I have only Labradors, keep only a small number of good dogs and I am particularly fussy about where my puppies go.

The questionnaire is below I am having some problems with spacing so please scroll down until you see the form - Thanks

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MAJESTX Pup Questionnaire



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People in household Ages of children
Other pets in household
Does anyone in this household smoke?  NO   YES 
Have you ever had a dog? What kind?
Age cause of death?
Why choose a Labrador
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Do you own a crate?
Will you do puppy kindergarten?
Is anyone home during the day? If not who will take care of the pup when you are not home?
Where will the dog sleep?
Are you an active on the go family or more mellow stay at home. Tell me the family activities. Tell me what your expectations are in this new family member.
What is your color preference  Black   Yellow   Chocolate   No Preference 
Sex Preference  Male   Female   No Preference